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Paint Shop at Kota Bharu, Kelantan. We offer a wide range of interior and exterior painting products and services from residential, commercial, repainting, flooring, or maintenance work. Generally, painting over house is a big hassle, now we have created a better way with an expertly curated color palette, offering the highest quality paint and the best painting supplies for you.

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Passion for creative colourful spaces

Our comprehensive expertly curated colour palette ease in making painting decision. Different colour affects different look and feel for every unique spaces.

Reds & Pinks

ed has been found to raise the physical temperature in a room when extensively used. A touch of red always livens up a room scheme with full of energy, passion and warmth with a sense of love and desire.

Red paint will give the feel of energy within a space and boost a positive aura.

Blues & Purples

Blue and purple utilizes both red and blue to provide a nice balance between stimulation and serenity that is supposed to encourage creativity.

Pastel blue and purple is said to result in a peaceful surrounding, thus relieving tension. These could be great colors for a home or business office.

Yellows & Oranges

Yellow is the brightest of all the colors, and the nearest to full sunlight. Because of its cheering, uplifting quality, it is welcoming and warming, like sunshine in summer.

Orange encourages sociability and high spirits. It’s also often associated with food and can cause your tummy to growl a little.


Green is the most soothing color in nature’s palette with the allure of serenity, the freshness that encourages healthy living in harmony with nature.

Scientific logic explains that the eye focuses the color green directly on the retina, it is said to be less strainful on your eye muscles.

Whites and Greys

Greys promotes feelings of contemporary and modern lifestyle. This colour absorbs the light that falls on it and thus dramatically darkens a room if used in quantity.

However, it can be used to striking effect as an accent colours.

Browns & Classic Neutrals

Brown is the color of the earth and it’s neutral and safe. It brings feelings of stability and security.

Extensive use of this color be depressing within a home, but small touches bring comfort and warm as well as providing a neutral backdrop to other brighter colors.


Our color consultants and paint experts will help you to combine the right hues with the right type of paint for the best results for your project. Nonetheless, our professional painting service will be your best choice to lessen the hassle and trouble of painting your dream house

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